The Plan For Blanket Fort Series 2

About a week ago I received a series of videos and was asked if I could work some of that Douche! magic on them. I watched the first two and suddenly my plan for Series 2 of Blanket Fort changed. I was going to make a movie by Halloween. Director Douche! was ready for his closeup.

Series 2 was set to begin on September 23rd. I was days away from soliciting segments from our contributors but now knew I would have to delay the start in order to make this movie. Days before I made the decision to make the movie I had also decided I wanted to make the second annual Ken Champion Christmas Special. Suddenly, everything fell into place. Series 2 would begin with the movie and end with the Ken Champion special. Timing is everything.

Back to the movie – this is my directorial debut, a project beyond anything I have attempted before. The challenge was made easier when I contacted my old pal Jason for permission to use a few songs for the soundtrack. His response, “Yeah sure! Use anything!” set things in motion. The Scroll has a song to fit every mood, their catalog is the soundtrack for hundreds of movies yet to be made.

I now had the clips that inspired the project, the soundtrack and the basic story mentally mapped out. The only thing missing was 75% of the footage needed to make this a reality. I love a challenge and getting this done in 5 weeks will be a big one.

Series 2 Broadcast Schedule
Series 2 Broadcast Schedule

Series 2 of Blanket Fort is going to be a transitional run. We are introducing many new contributors and moving to Sunday night. My initial thought was to do away with the live broadcasts but, after consulting with a few people, I realized they enjoyed the live interaction enough to do it again. Our new home for the live broadcasts will be our fancy Blanket Fort Life site, keeping everything in one location.

After a few weeks off for the holidays we will be back with Series 3, which will also be our first themed series. Series 3 is set to be a 6 episode run and each episode will focus on one topic and feature new contributors. Stay tuned for more details as we near the new year.

Before any of that happens we have 2 special episodes of our new series – Vada’s Collection of The Esoterically Absurd coming in October.

Buckle up humans, it’s going to be a sexy ride!

Your pal,